Operation Outcry Praised at Sonogram Bill Signing

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Operation Outcry Praised at Sonogram Bill Signing



We were honored that Governor Perry would invite Operation Outcry and The Justice Foundation to attend Sonogram Bill Signing Ceremony at the State Capitol. This was in recognition of The Justice Foundation’s work in collecting the testimonies, but more importantly, the courage of the women of Operation Outcry in giving their testimonies. The Governor’s staff and the Governor were deeply impressed by the courage of the women of Operation Outcry.

Myra Meyers represented Operation Outcry at the signing, and Allan Parker represented The Justice Foundation. Thank you to all of our supportors in helping us work for this bill, and thank you to the women of Operation Outcry, whose submitted testimonies created a big impact in the decision.

Read more about the bill and what others are saying about the bill from the Governor’s website.

You can also watch the ceremonial signing in the bill below.


More Photos from the signing on our Facebook Page




  1. First, there is no Physician that would perform an abortion without first performing an ultrasound/sonogram as it is necessary for the performance of an abortion and to substantiate the existence of an egg or fetus and to verify the age and location of the egg or fetus. So the law that Texas and other States have legislated and that U.S. House Republicans support is only asking that the image be viewed by the woman seeking the abortion. All women should view the ultrasound so that they are aware of the size and location in their Uterus. Viewing it doesn’t mean they are mandated to change their decision. So they should have no objection. Before a woman would allow a surgeon to remove a cyst, surely they would like to see the proof on ultrasound that it actually exists. This is no different.

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