Training For Pregnancy Centers

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Listen to the audio from recent webinars where we discussed what CAFA is and how you can best use the Parent Letter, Client Letter, or Abortionist Letter.

Heartbeat Webinar

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CareNet Webinar

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  1. Thank you for this website, for your care, and for firmly standing up for the women and their unborn children and the families who have suffered so much at the hands of the deceptive quick fix of abortion. When I went on the Operation Outcry website and saw those dear sweet women give their testimonies, my heart just opened up and out poured years of tears…. As a baby boomer who was deceived by the tempting ideas offered so enticeingly by the music, the movies, and the professors at college, I pray that my fellow baby boomers will help lovingly to close down this no win solution… and really create a world of peace, and love, and safety for all life. Thank you.. Thank you….Thank you…You have helped to change my life.

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