Faith Leaders For School Choice


As a pastor or faith leader, I support legislation establishing a parental school choice system in Texas which supports the education of all children through child-centered funding which follows the child to the school of the parent or guardian’s choice (public, charter or private), with a savings to the state.

I believe such a school choice system would:

  1. Improve education for all children by introducing consumer choice and cooperation into a compulsory government monopoly;
  2. Empower all parents to exercise their God-given right to direct the upbringing and education of their children (recognized as a fundamental right in Pierce v. Society of Sisters);
  3. Improve academic achievement, or in the words of the Texas Constitution “the general diffusion of knowledge” which is “essential for the preservation of liberty”;
  4. Promote citizenship, justice, equality and successful integration by allowing free choice for education.

Therefore, we urge the Texas legislature to adopt such a system. Because it is voluntary and would not give direct benefits to any faith group, it would not be an unconstitutional establishment of religion which we oppose, but instead would allow the free exercise of religion for all citizens which is protected by the Constitution.


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